Leveraging Agile Within a Phase-Gate Process

Leveraging Agile Within a Phase-Gate Process

Your Challenge

Your company has a phase-gate process – maybe it grew out of a hardware product environment or being in a regulated industry. You often feel the pain of “going over the waterfall” with no way back. You are hitting gates with incomplete work but there’s no data to tell you why and how to fix it. Your development teams and management both would like to see more flexibility. Is it possible?

How We Help

Construx can help you find harmony between Agile and traditionally managed projects within the same program. Our consultants will help you plan and manage appropriately for this environment, when dealing not only with typical backlog items but also phase-gate contingencies that involve deliverables and decisions from others. And we can guide your teams through business-value scenarios so they can contribute as part of the larger company team.