Getting More out of Agile

Your Challenge

How do you deploy Agile and still meet your company’s needs for planning, structure, and governance? We have worked with many companies on the common challenges of scaling Agile to large projects, supporting better predictability, working in combined hardware/software environments, complying with regulatory requirements, and bringing more agility to longstanding waterfall lifecycle processes. Regardless of the challenge, Construx will help you get the most business value from your Agile implementation.

How We Help

We specialize in tailoring Scrum/Agile adoptions to support your business needs. We will help you get it right–whether you are scaling a Scrum pilot, revamping your Scrum adoption, or moving into Lean and Kanban. Our experts will guide you through a customized deployment to gain the benefits of Agile while still meeting business objectives and market demands. We offer comprehensive assessments, tailored implementation plans, Scrum training, and “train the trainer” coaching-– to give your teams the Agile tools and best practices they need to be effective in your environment.