PMI Registered Educational Provider

PMIConstrux is a recognized provider with the PMI Registered Educational Provider Program (PMI R.E.P.). Construx accepts and adheres to all PMI R.E.P. Program policies, requirements and rules concerning the provision of professional education activities and materials. Attendees receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for completing each PMI Registered course.

Reporting Activities

The following information has been extracted from the PMI’s Certification application, the Project Management Professional handbook, and the PMI website. Construx provides it for convenience only. Please refer to the PMI website for the most up-to-date information. According to PMI, you are responsible for reporting your activities to the PMI®/PDP Records Office. Detailed reporting information is available on their website.

Continuing Certification Requirements Folder

PMI randomly selects a percentage of PMPs and Registered Educational Providers for auditing purposes each year. PMI recommends you maintain documentation of completed activities in your Continuing Certification Requirements Folder for at least 12 months after your current certification cycle has ended. PMI requires Construx to maintain records of attendance at all programs offered, for a minimal period of one (1) year after the concluding date of each specific activity.

For those who attended our public seminars: PMPs can use the Construx Certificate of Completion to document your activities in your CCR folder. Construx maintains the attendance based on the information you provided during registration.

For those who attended seminars at your company: Most companies do not ask Construx to provide a Certification of Completion and Construx does not maintain an attendance record. If needed, you can request a certificate by sending an e-mail to with the following information:

  • The subject line “Request Seminar Certificate”
  • The name of the seminar you attended
  • The date of the seminar you attended
  • The instructor name
  • Your name as it should appear on the certificate
  • Your mailing address