Increasing Software Innovation

Increasing Software Innovation

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About this course

Much is written about the “secrets of innovation“. Why then are so few companies innovating? What’s missing? This course will challenge your thinking about everything you’ve ever heard about innovation. It provides a predictive model of software innovation that explains why some companies innovate and others can’t — and the reason why practices that work in one organization won’t work for all. You’ll learn how to benchmark your organization’s ability to innovate and where to focus improvement. You’ll learn specific innovation practices designed to work in your organization.


Learn how to:

  • Benchmark your organization’s ability to support innovation and pinpoint gaps for measurable improvement
  • Implement real-world innovation practices at all levels of the organization:
    • Individual
    • Team
    • Manager
    • Executive Management
  • Build collaboration between business and technical staff
  • Balance innovation with business priorities
  • Leverage technical innovation in your products and services
  • Avoid wasting time and effort trying “secrets of innovation” that will not work in your organization

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for business and technical staff involved in the conception and design of new software, whether in new solutions or incremental software releases. This includes technical staff and their management, as well as Product, Project, and Program Managers.