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Construx Public Software Seminar

At Construx we are committed to providing the best possible in-person seminar experiences, collaborative training engagements, and state of the art online eLearning. And our client satisfaction shows it.

The time you spend in training is valuable. We know you will never get those hours back, and we work hard to ensure your time is well-spent.

All of our training is overseen by Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete. Our instructors are expert software developers, designers, managers, Scrum masters — they are subject matter experts first, instructors second. Yet they are excellent instructors. The most common score our instructors receive is a 5 on a 5 point scale, which means that when you choose Construx training, you are choosing enjoyable, high impact training that you know will make a difference for your software projects.

Stars 4.7

Construx Instructor Scores

Over the past 10 years Construx has provided work-changing professional development to upwards of 50,000 software professionals. The average training company believes an overall class score of 4.0 is satisfactory. Bluntly, a score of 4.0 represents a waste of your training time. At Construx, each of our instructors averages overall scores of 4.50 or higher, and their instructor scores average better than 4.70.

Not all training is created equal. Contact us today to learn about the difference Construx training can make.