Enterprise Agile Using SAFe

What is SAFe®? A framework for implementing Agile practices at the enterprise level. SAFe is short for the Scaled Agile Framework. It is a proven method that solves several common issues when scaling Agile including: integration, architecture, governance, roles, funding and more. At Construx we have extensive experience scaling agile using the Scaled Agile Framework.

Our Approach

You want to deliver software projects faster and avoid projects that go on and on. We use proven methods that solve common issues when implementing Agile at the enterprise level. Issues such as integration, architecture, roles, governance, funding and more. Here is a look at our approach to scaling Agile:

  • We collect and map out the goals and vision of stakeholders.
  • Our consultants make sure that Scrum basic is in place before any premature customization.
  • We craft a transformation plan that is specific to your company.
  • Expert trainers teach private seminars, courses and have Q&A sessions onsite to make the transition smooth.
  • Finally, a backlog is created and the first Sprint is underway.
  • We are in it for the long haul and will be here in the future if you need more expert help.


We’ll remove the barriers to going Agile enterprise wide. Email or call us today to see how we can get you on the fast track to scaling Agile in your company.