The Best of All Possible Worlds

The Best of All Possible Worlds I just finished reading the Scrum Alliance’s 2013 ‘State of Scrum’ report , and was reminded of the joke about how the pessimist and the optimist both believe we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist in me is dismayed at how, more than a decade [...]

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Chickens and Pigs Revisited

Chickens and Pigs Revisited There's been a lot of discussion on the subject of 'chickens and pigs' and commitment in Scrum, whether the Scrum community has a generally-agreed definition of commitment, and whether commitment is useful. First, let's talk about the definition of commitment, certainly a loaded word and one that is used improperly in [...]

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Performance Appraisals in an Agile Organization

Performance Appraisals in an Agile Organization Performance appraisals are a part of life in nearly every organization, and yet no one likes them1. Bad performance appraisal processes can seriously harm your organization's ability to recruit and maintain talent. Individuals being reviewed worry about whether their contributions will be recognized, and the impact a questionable appraisal [...]

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