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10x software development individuals course

10x Software Development – Individuals

10x software development teams course

10x Software Development – Teams

agile planning and estimation course

Agile Planning and Estimation

agile practices for developers course

Agile Practices for Developers

agile release planning course

Agile Release Planning

agile requirements in depth course

Agile Requirements In Depth

agile requirements modeling course

Agile Requirements Modeling

agile testing for software developers course

Agile Testing for Software Developers

code complete course

Code Complete Essentials

design boot camp course

Design Boot Camp

design patterns course

Design Pattern Essentials

developer testing boot camp course

Developer Testing Boot Camp

devops essentials course

DevOps Essentials

increasing software innovation course

Increasing Software Innovation

10x course

Individuals and Interactions: Unleashing the Power of 10x Teams

kanban essentials

Kanban Essentials

kanban software management course

Kanban Software Management

leading safe course

Leading SAFe

model-based design

Model-Based Design

model-based requirements

Model-Based Requirements

professional tester boot camp course

Professional Tester Boot Camp

software requirements boot camp course

Requirements Boot Camp

software risk management in depth course

Risk Management In Depth

safe devops course

SAFe DevOps

SAFe product owner manager

SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager

SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe Scrum Master

safe for teams course

SAFe For Teams

scaling scrum course

Scaling Scum

scrum boot camp

Scrum Boot Camp

course scrum essentials for leaders

Scrum Essentials for Leaders

scrum product owner boot camp class

Scrum Product Owner Boot Camp

software construction boot camp

Software Construction Boot Camp

sw economics boot camp class

Software Economics Boot Camp

software estimation in depth

Software Estimation In Depth

course agile software esitmation

Software Estimation In Depth for Agile Projects

software inspections intensive course

Software Inspections: Intensive

sw project manager boot camp

Software Project Management Boot Camp

specification quality control course

Specification Quality Control

course total project quality

Total Project Quality

writing good requirements course

Writing Good Requirements