Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting

Customized Agile consulting services to help you adopt Agile—or find an even better fit for your needs.

Wondering which Agile methodology will best meet your company’s needs, or whether Agile is the right approach? Interested in making an existing lifecycle more Agile? Unsure whether you have the right mix of agility, predictability, and visibility? Whether you’re a lean team of 10 or an organization of thousands, Construx Agile consulting provides the answers and practical guidance you need to successfully implement Agile practices. Our Agile consultants are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested best practices. From our work with hundreds of companies across a broad range of industries, we understand that each team, project, and organization is unique. And we know how to find the right fit—every time.

There are a number of ways our Agile consulting can support your move toward greater agility:

  • Assist with initial Scrum adoption (see more)
  • Assist with an enterprise-wide Scrum adoption (see more)
  • Deploy Scrum on a large multiple-project program (see more)
  • Introduce specific Agile practices into an existing development methodology  (see more)
  • Implement Agile within a staged-gate methodology (see more)
  • Introduce Kanban to a new team (see more)

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