Software Executive Summit

We'll have several great speakers for the 2018 Software Executive Summit. Check out last year's speakers and talks below.

Secrets of the Agile Scaling Gurus, Steve McConnell

As small-team success becomes more commonplace with Scrum and Kanban, organizations are shifting their focus to succeeding with Agile development on large projects. Many organizations have tried SAFe, and others have experimented with Nexus/SoS, LeSS, DaD, and other approaches. Yet few organizations appear to be fully satisfied with any of their approaches. Why not? What are these organizations missing? In this presentation, award winning author Steve McConnell unpacks more than 20 years of experience guiding organizations as they transition from small projects to large. He explains the key principles underlying all successful scaling approaches. He identifies common scaling pitfalls. And he explains what is really different about scaling projects in Agile environments.

Dantar Oosterwal

How Harley-Davidson Drove Top-Line Growth and Profitability with Lean Product Development, Dantar Oosterwal

In 2003 Harley-Davidson was awarded the Outstanding Corporate Innovator award by the Product Development Management Association (PDMA). Yet, a short time later, Dantar Oosterwal was able to apply lean principles in the product development system to introduce 4 times as much innovation, 50% reduction in time to market, and a 4-fold increase in throughput—while maintaining a quality level of 98% repurchase intent. Dantar applied these principles again to achieve remarkable gains at Sara Lee, including 35% improvement in R&D efficiency and 5 fold increase in revenue from new products. In this presentation Dantar explores the complexities, the challenges, the pitfalls and ultimately the keys to success in implementing lean principles to improve innovation, revenue growth, and profitability.

April Mills

Conquering Change: How to Lead Your Organization to Higher Results, April Mills

We are living in a VUCA world: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity reign. What can we do to respond to these modern challenges? The only constant is change, and we can lead our organizations to higher results if we understand the essentials of change, how to sense change rapidly, and how to respond effectively. April K. Mills has created organizations full of change agents. She will share her Change Agent Essentials, including how to make sense of change, how to structure your efforts and the efforts of your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates--all to create remarkable, rapid change.

Gary McLean Hall

Optimizing Agile Development with Agile Software Architecture, Gary McLean Hall

How good is your software architecture really? And how well does it support your Agile software development practices? Free yourself from the mistakes and misconceptions of the past! Continuous improvement of architecture, software products, and the development cycle itself is only possible if hindsight is used to evaluate decisions and their impacts. Gary McLean Hall, author of Adaptive Code, presents strategies for Agile design that reduce architectural complexity, pay down technical debt, and streamline code -- all supporting more Agile development.

Scott Berkun

Dance of the Possible: Supporting Creativity in Software, Scott Berkun

You work with ideas, big and small, all day long - isn’t it time you learn the deep patterns that explain your successes and failures? This short and fun presentation, will share timeless patterns and entertaining insights that can help you, and your team, be more creative and productive all at the same time. From finding creative confidence, to effective brainstorming, to getting better feedback on ideas, you’ll be entertained as you’re challenged to think differently about (creative) thinking.

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