Vendor Selection

Management Considerations

  • What is the ability of the vendor to meet its schedule and budget commitments? What is its track record in meeting its commitments?
  • What are the satisfaction levels of the vendor’s current customers, including long-term customers? Does the vendor have any long-term customers?
  • What are the vendor’s project-management capabilities? Does it have expertise in all aspects of software project management including size estimation, cost estimation, project planning, project tracking, and project control?
  • Can you trust the confidentiality of the vendor? Does the vendor also serve your competitors?
  • Who will provide product support, you or the vendor? Do you want the vendor to provide support to your customers?
  • Is any litigation pending against the vendor?

Technical Considerations

  • What is the vendor’s ability to rise to the technical challenges of the project?
  • Has the vendor’s software development capability been evaluated by your technical staff or a third party? Were both technical work products and development processes included in the evaluation?
  • What is the level of the vendor’s expertise in the application area?
  • What is the level of the vendor’s expertise in the implementation environment?
  • Is the quality of the vendor’s other software acceptable? Does the vendor have quantitative data to support its quality claims?
  • Is the quality of the vendor’s work sufficient to support future enhancements?

General Considerations

  • Is the vendor financially stable? What would happen to your project if the vendor encountered a severe financial downturn?
  • Has the vendor developed software in an outsourcing capacity before? Is building outsourced software its primary business? What is the level of the vendor’s commitment to outsourcing?