Software Project Survival Guide

Recommended Bookstores

The books mentioned in SPSG are available locally and on-line at many bookstores:

  • O'Reilly. Allows download of most of my books in electronic form.
  • This is an amazing on-line bookstore that contains review comments by
    readers who have read the books offered and lists of other books purchased by readers who have bought books.
  • Barnes & Noble. This is the online entry point to one of the world's largest bookstore chains.
  • Borders Books & Music. Borders current website is limited, but full-scale competition for is expected soon.
  • Powell's Books (1005 w Burnside, Portland OR 97209, Phone (800) 878-7323). Powell's offers what is probably the
    largest collection of technical books in the Pacific Northwest region. It shelves new and used books side by side.
    Powell's technical bookstore, located two blocks away from its main bookstore, is worth a special trip.