Software Project Survival Guide

Work Products Placed Under Change Control

The change control plan should include a list of the work products that will be placed under change control. At a minimum, this list should include the work products listed below.

  • Change Control Plan
  • Change Proposals
  • Vision statement
  • Top 10 Risks List
  • Software Development Plan, including project cost and schedule estimates
  • User Interface Prototype
  • User Interface Style Guide
  • User Manual/Requirements Specification
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Integration Procedure
  • Staged Delivery Plan
  • Individual Stage Plans, including miniature milestone schedules
  • Coding Standard
  • Software test cases
  • Source code
  • Media incorporated into the product, including graphics, sound, video, and so on
  • Software build instructions (make files)
  • Detailed Design Document for each stage
  • Software Construction Plan for each stage
  • Install program
  • Deployment Document (Cutover Handbook)
  • Release Checklist
  • Release Sign-Off Form
  • Software Project Log
  • Software Project History Document