Software Testing & QA Seminars / Training

Software Testing & QA Seminars and Training

Professional Tester Boot Camp

How do professional testers test software? This software testing training teaches the techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies used by test professionals. You will learn and apply numerous detailed test design strategies for black-box (functional) testing and system testing. You will also learn practical techniques for planning, designing, and executing ... more >

Risk-Based Testing Essentials

This software testing seminar introduces a systematic, risk-based approach to determining where to focus your limited testing resources to obtain maximum leverage ... more >   

Developer Testing Boot Camp

Developer testing is a critical component of Agile development--yet studies show that developer tests typically achieve only 50-60% test coverage. Learn how to achieve higher test coverage with your unit tests, how to create better test case designs, ... more >  


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Total Project Quality

From project inception, a focus on quality through planning, execution, and delivery can help improve software project cost, schedule, and functionality. This three-day total project quality training shows you how to define quality in specific terms ... more>

Software Inspections Intensive

Upstream inspections can eliminate up to 90 percent of the defects before testing while simultaneously reducing net cost and schedule by 10 to 30 percent. In this software QA seminar, you will gain hands-on experience using inspections to improve requirements, designs, and other  ... more >  

Agile Testing for Software Developers

Test Driven Development is a critical component of Agile development. Unit testing without TDD typically achieves only 50-60% statement coverage, but with TDD you will achieve 100% branch coverage. This software testing training teaches you how to design ... more >


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