Software Project Survival Guide

Survival Check for Chapter 8

Requirements Development

  • The project team identifies a set of key end users who can be trusted to shape the software.
  • The developers create several versions of a basic prototype until they find one that the users are excited about.
    • Prototyping stops while users are still only lukewarm about the prototype.
  • The developers extend the user interface prototype to elicit detailed requirements from users.
    • The prototype is not kept broad and shallow, and time is wasted providing deep functionality that will be rewritten for the final software.
  • The project team develops a User Manual/Spec to use as the detailed requirements specification.
  • The fully developed prototype is baselined and placed under change control.
    • The project team attempts to use the prototype code in the real software.
  • A separate, non user interface requirements document is created, reviewed, and placed under change control.