Software Requirements Seminars & Training

Software Requirements Seminars and Training

Requirements Boot Camp

What is the most frequently reported cause of software project failure? Requirements challenges. This software requirements training describes how leading-edge companies ... more >  

Increasing Software Innovation

Software organizations are being tasked to increase innovation in this era of rapid technological change. Success or failure of today’s companies depends on their ability to leverage new technical approaches. Yet, many software teams feel constrained by traditional processes. In this software requirements seminar, attendees learn how they can surmount traditional organizational gaps and work together as innovative teams. more >

Model Based Requirements (OOA)

This three-day software requirements training covers developing and documenting model-based functional requirements as part of a Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) software development approach. Model-based requirements are more concise and less ambiguous  ... more > 


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Agile Requirements in Depth

Agile development shifts traditional requirements work to a "just in time" approach. How does this affect good requirements practices? This Agile training class explains Agile approaches to traditional requirements sources including MRDs, PRDs, feature lists, and user scenarios. It dives into ... more >

Agile Requirements Modeling

This software requirements seminar gives you hands-on experience using five basic requirement models to more efficiently and effectively elicit and analyze functional requirements. You’ll gain proficiency with models including Context Diagrams, Activity Models ... more >

Scrum Product Owner Boot Camp

The Product Owner role is arguably the most important role in Scrum -- and the most challenging. The Product Owner is part project manager, part product manager, and part customer advocate. This person must ensure the customer's wants and needs are understood while ensuring that the team delivers the greatest-value features as quickly as possible -- all while responding to ever ... more >


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