Software Measurement Consulting

Whether you use an Agile, Lean, traditional, or hybrid software development methodology, continuous improvement driven by metrics is imperative in today’s complex, competitive markets. But software metrics can be difficult and costly to gather, and often the numbers don’t deliver the intended insights. Worse yet, measurement can create frustration, distrust, and unhealthy behavior.


Construx has the expertise and experience to help you create an effective, affordable metrics program. 

Software Development Questions    

Questions and Issues

  • With some many options, how do we figure out what to measure and how to measure it?
  • How can we ensure we have effective, affordable metrics for each measurement area?
  • What are the elements of a good metrics program, and how do we set one up?
  • How can we avoid undesired behaviors and side-effects as a result of what we measure?


    Software Consulting Solution    

    Typical Solution

  • Assess measurement needs, and establish metrics program goals
  • Apply Goal-Question-Metric to establish insightful, cost-effective metrics
  • Create a Metrics and Indicators Guide to drive an ongoing software metrics program
  • Establish a program to capture and analyze team and organizational performance
  • Use the measurement data to drive ongoing, systemic improvements
  • Monitor for and address any undesirable behaviors and side-effects of the program


    Software Consulting Results    

    Results You Can Expect

  • An efficient and effective software development metrics program
  • The minimum set of metrics and indicators you’ll need to reach your measurement goals
  • A better understanding of your development organization's quality and productivity
  • Accurate, affordable, meaningful data to guide teams and drive continuous improvement