Software Design Seminars & Training

Software Design Seminars & Training

Design Boot Camp

Different designers will create designs that differ by at least a factor of 10 in the code volume produced. How do you invent simple, straightforward designs and avoid complex, error-prone designs? This software design seminar teaches both Agile and traditional approaches to ... more >

Design Pattern Essentials

Design patterns made understandable! Design patterns are powerful, predefined solutions to common software design problems. This software design seminar introduces and explains the highest-leverage design patterns in clear ways ... more >

Web API Design & RESTful Web Services

The REST architectural style defines a set of principles and constraints that promote system scalability, loose coupling, reduced latency, security, and the encapsulation of legacy systems. While REST is relatively easy to understand, it does not provide any guidance on how to create programmable "Web APIs" ... more > 


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Model-Based Design (OOD)

This two-day software design training seminar provides in-depth, hands-on coverage of developing and documenting software designs from model-based functional requirements as part of a Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). Model-based designs are more complete ... more >

Developer Boot Camp

This intense hands-on software design and construction seminar will give you the tools you need to be a professional software developer. This training combines techniques from the areas of design, construction, and testing to give you pragmatic guidance into the business of writing working code. Principles will ... more >


More Software Design Seminars & Training

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