Software is increasingly being outsourced. In this seminar, project managers will learn how management of outsourced projects differs from management of in-house projects. They will see the numerous ways in which outsourced projects can go wrong and learn strategies that will steer them toward success. Lectures, case studies, and lab work build on professional project management practices to cover the key considerations project managers must deal with on outsourced software projects. 1-day seminar

Who Should Attend

This seminar is useful for project managers or others who are responsible for overseeing an outsourced software development contract. The seminar assumes basic project management experience.


All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Know Your Contract

Overview of contract types
How the RFP/Contract impacts your project
Filling in missing project controls

Contract Performance

Tranistion to Performance
Staff impacts
Work initiation
Establishing win conditions
Project office responsibilities
Risk management on outsourced projects
Quality assurance steps


Contract Tracking

Checkpoint reviews
Characteristics of a well tracked contract
Tracking costs
Earned value project tracking

Contract Changes

Getting what you need
Negotiation tactics

Contract Close

End game
Post-contract issues

Earl Beede

Earl Beede, CSDP is a Senior Fellow at Construx Software, where he designs and leads seminars and provides consulting services on early project-lifecycle practices, ...