Leading any project can be a challenge. Leading a software project can be even more challenging if you're new to software project management or new to software. The transition to Agile frameworks has also created confusion and inconsistency in the project manager role. This seminar will help you make the transition to solid software project leadership, including how to play a valuable role in Agile projects. Software Project Management Boot Camp teaches you the concepts and techniques necessary to manage software projects successfully. This seminar closely follows the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PM-BOK) and shows how to apply these best practices on software projects. This software project management training involves extensive hands-on practice with real-world case studies. 3-day seminar


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"I wish my entire company could attend! Nearly overwhelmed by all the new knowledge I can share."  -- Whitney Yadrich, DEG Digital

"What I learned in this seminar helped me save at least 3 months from my current project’s schedule."  -- Jung-Hoon Rhew, Intel

"Wonderful (underlined). Very substantive & applicable."  -- Stephanie Earney, ESRI

"Very good job. Especially when you consider the mixed knowledge and experience of the audience"  -- Kathy Gorbach, Symantec

"Great knowledge transfer in a short time!"  -- David Parker, Eastman Chemical Company

"One of the most professional seminars that I have attended. Very informative, Very well designed."  -- Kelly St. Cyr, Wyeth

"Provided new nuggets to take back into our methodology and new suggestions on how to handle existing problems."  -- Beth Brady, Starbucks

"Great seminar! Most valuable: How (as as a database engineer) to be a better participant in project plannning."  -- John Purdy, HouseValues.com

"Well organized and presented. Instructor is very knowledgeable."  -- Rodney Ross, MCCI

"There was a colloborative effort of the teacher and the class. The class was well organized and content was applicable, focused, and referenceable."  -- Tiffany Carter-Eldred, Amazon.com

"Most Valuable: The focus on empowering the PM to influence, drive, and remove obstacles within the culture and boundaries of the environment."  -- Carol Voorhees, Business Relationships Director 

"Great knowledge transfer in a short time!"  -- David Parker, Eastman Chemical Company

"Instructor held my attention enough to capture information. Never a dull moment!"  -- Sakinah Parham, First Data

"Great course! I fell well-equipped to plan a project that's been sitting on the back burner. I have a much better feel now for how to start and manage it."  -- Jennifer Egglin, Microsoft


Who Should Attend

This software project management seminar will be useful to anyone who is asked to lead a software project. Whether you are currently a project manager and want an overview of key software project management practices, or whether you are soon to become a project manager (some shops call them "leads"), this seminar will be of great benefit. It is particularly applicable to those who have general project management experience but who have not managed a software project previously.

Certification Information

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All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center


  • Defining software project success
  • Understanding the challenges on a software project
  • Typical software project outcomes
  • The software project management path to success

Basic Software Project Management Survival Concepts

  • Understanding labor rate, burn rate, capital vs. expense
  • Taking advantage of the upstream/downstream effect
  • Recognizing the intellectual phases of a software project
  • Fundamentals of software project estimation

Project Initiation

  • Chartering the project
  • Assessing risks to software project success
  • Recognizing software project assets

Project Close Out

  • Typical close out tasks
  • Using a project retrospective to learn from the experience

Software Project Planning

  • Using a software project plan template
  • Developing work breakdown structures (WBS)
  • Simplifying the WBS with a project matrix
  • Building the WBS dictionary
  • Choosing a project organization
  • Choosing a software project lifecycle
  • Planning Agile projects
  • Typical software project effort allocations
  • Creating an activity network (PERT chart)
  • Finding the critical path
  • Developing a realistic project schedule
  • Scheduling to fixed end dates
  • Addressing uncertainty using rolling wave planning
  • Tuning the plan to the specifics of your project

Execution, Checking and Correcting: Succeeding in Stages

  • Controlling change
  • Tracking and reporting of Agile projects
  • Using earned value to objectively track software project status
  • Conducting effective status meetings
  • Creating useful project status reports
  • Refining the project plan based on actual progress
  • Capturing valuable project history in a project log
  • Sanity checking the project using planning checkpoint reviews

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