The project was a guaranteed success–until the subcontractor announced a 3 week delay and your chief architect quit to go hiking in Nepal. If you don’t attack project risks, they will attack you! Learn intermediate and advanced strategies you can use on both general and project-specific risks. Discover how to identify, address, and eliminate sources of risk before they grow into major problems. This course focuses on intermediate and advanced strategies you can use to manage general risks and details practical techniques you can use to control your project's specific risks.

2-day seminar


You will gain a deep understanding of common project risks, learn specific remediation strategies and techniques, and the key practices to actively attack, prevent and eliminate software project risks.

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be useful to project managers, program managers, technical leads, QA leads and team leads.

Certification Information

14 PDU

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All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center


  • A definition of risk
  • What is risk management?
  • The need for risk management

Risks in Detail

  • The scope of risks
  • Risk as cause-effect
  • Ultimate causes and ultimate effects
  • Risk timeframes
  • Assets

Risk Identification

  • Categories of risks
  • Common project risks
  • Practical techniques to identify risks and assets

Risk Analysis/Prioritization

  • Risk probabilities
  • Risk severities
  • Techniques for accurately estimating risk probabilities and severities
  • Determining risk exposure
  • Prioritizing risks
  • Analyzing/prioritizing assets

Risk Response Planning

  • Risk response strategies
  • Prevent
  • Mitigate
  • Transfer/share
  • Contingency plan
  • Risk reserve/provision Ignore
  • Planning risk response

Risk Responses

  • Responses to requirements problems
  • Responses to inadequate project management
  • Responses to inattention to upstream quality
  • Responses to misunderstood project dynamics
  • Strategies for maximizing common assets

Risk Response Control

  • Response control through project tracking
  • Ongoing risk reassessment

Steve Tockey

Steve Tockey is the Principal Consultant at Construx Software. During more than three and a half decades in the software industry, he has worked as a programmer, ...

Earl Beede

Earl Beede, CSDP is a Senior Fellow at Construx Software, where he designs and leads seminars and provides consulting services on early project-lifecycle practices, ...