Professional Development Ladder

We developed our software engineering professional ladder to address several challenges facing the software industry, including insufficient knowledge transfer of industry best practices and undefined career paths for software engineers.

The software industry has developed numerous best practices including change control boards, information hiding, inspections, and many other practices. However these practices are not generally well disseminated. As a result, many companies face project overruns, deliver low quality software, burn out their engineers, or all of the above.

Construx’s professional development ladder increases the productivity and capabilities of individuals and teams through dissemination of best practices. It provides a common vocabulary and set of shared experiences, which increases efficiency of teams.

The ladder provides a professional development program which balances:

  • Structure for common career paths (developers, testers, project managers, etc.)
  • The development of well-rounded engineers
  • Individual preferences and interests

The ladder is built upon the Construx Knowledge Areas (CKAs) which include requirements, design, construction, testing, and other core software engineering areas.

Construx provides a portion of the ladder for individual use in our Professional Development Plans. We also license and customize the ladder for organizations. For addtional information about this topic, see our white paper.