Code Surveyor

Code Surveyor provides configurable and extensible code measurement and searching. Out-of-the-box measurements for many languages can be tuned and configured for your specific needs. Surveyor is available as open source under the GNU General Public License.

Surveyor Python script, can be run on any platform with Python 2.6 or later installed.

Windows command-line executeable. Download, unzip, and run 'surveyor.exe'.

Size Measurement

Out-of-the-box measurement includes Non-Blank, Non-Comment (NBNC) line counts for: C/C++, Java, C#, VB, SQL, Python, Ruby, Perl, JS, JSP, ASP, PHP, XSL/XML, TCL, Lua, Flash, Delphi, shell, LISP, FORTRAN, RPG, COBOL, Matlab and many others.

Complexity Metrics

Measure cyclomatic complexity of files and routines, as well as routine length, maximum nesting depth and other indicators of potential risk in your code.

Rich Data Analysis

Surveyor output is designed for easy spreadsheet analysis. Chart, pivot, roll-up, and drill-down on file types, folder paths, measurements, and user defined tags.

Code Searching

Code-sensitive searching allows you to zero in on magic numbers, third-party code, etc. Surveyor can also separate machine-generated code from human-created code.

Surveyor grew up on real world projects and development is ongoing at the Code Surveyor Project.

If you have questions or comments about Construx Surveyor please contact us.