Software Development Resources

As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, Construx provides an array of software development resources. Our focus is on supporting time tested, proven software development best practices across the full spectrum of software development activities.

Cone of Uncertainty

All software projects are subject to inherent errors in early estimates. The Cone of Uncertainty represents the best-case reduction in estimation error and improvement in predictability over the course of a project. Skillful project leaders treat the cone as a fact of life and plan accordingly.

Cost of Estimation Error

What’s the Harm? “I need the software in three months, so I’ll tell the development staff that I need it in two months. I don’t think they can actually deliver it in two months, but at least that will ensure that I get it in three months.” This rationale is intuitive and appealing. But it is ultimately destructive to software project costs and schedules.

Software Development’s Defect Cost Increase

Mistakes are unavoidable, and so the principle is to find each error close to the time at which it was introduced. The longer a defect stays in the software food chain, the more it contaminates work further down the chain. Since requirements and architecture are done first, those defects have the potential to contaminate more work and to be most expensive.

The Scrum Wall: An Agile Project Dashboard

Building a Scrum Wall around the team's Sprint Task Board drives collaboration, shares information, shows progress, and highlights impediments...even if your organization also uses a software based work item tracking tool.