Software Development Resources

As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, Construx provides an array of software development resources. Our focus is on supporting time tested, proven software development best practices across the full spectrum of software development activities.

10 Keys to Software Project Success

The causes of a successful software project are not a mystery. Leading organizations have been delivering software on time and within budget for years, but many other companies still fail on even simple projects. In this talk, award-winning author Steve McConnell describes 10 time-tested practices you can use to control your software projects.

10 Keys to Successful Scrum Adoption

Scrum is a project management approach for Agile software development and is the most commonly adopted Agile approach in the industry today. Construx has worked with hundreds of organizations to implement Agile approaches including Scrum. We have helped numerous organizations to adopt the core principles of Scrum and to adapt it based on their unique situations and challenges.

10 Most Important Ideas in Software Development

As software engineering approaches its 40th birthday, do we know which software development ideas matter most? In this talk, award-winning author Steve McConnell identifies 10 of the most powerful ideas in software engineering. McConnell explains how the 10 ideas form the foundation for effective software development, and he shows how practices ranging from the waterfall model to extreme...

Affinity Diagram

Affinity diagrams are a brainstorming technique that gives individuals a degree of anonymity to the participants. It solves a some common problems in traditional brain storming sessions.

After the Gold Rush: Establishing a True Profession of Software Engineering

Award-winning author Steve McConnell offers candid reflections upon and a look ahead at the software engineering profession. This talk highlights critical trends and calls for a more rigorous and standards-based profession. McConnell delivers a lively and provocative narrative that aims to help software developers step back from the day-to-day rush of their work and think about where their careers...

An Ounce of Prevention

by Steve McConnell, Construx CEOA stitch in time saves nine,” the old saying goes. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In software, these expressions translate into the common observation that the longer a defect stays in process, the more expensive it is to fix. Industry reports about the magnitude of the cost increase have varied over the years.

Balanced Solutions with the Three-Circle Model

Creating solutions to customer problems is a complex balancing act. Effective solutions only result from the balanced integration of three fundamental perspectives: Business, Usage, and Technology. Organizations that take a purely user-driven approach are at risk of developing solutions that lack technological or economic viability. Technology-driven organizations risk developing solutions that...

Blended Learning for Software Professionals

Instructor led technical training continues to provide the highest quality training experience, but advances in online eLearning are narrowing the quality gap between Instructor Led Training and eLearning. The choice of training modalities does not have to be an either/or choice.Properly structured, Blended Learning can provide the...


Brainstorming is a technique to generate a lot of ideas very quickly. The primary purpose of a session is to get individuals to burst through thought categories that they currently have to go into new territories.