Software Development Resources

As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, Construx provides an array of software development resources. Our focus is on supporting time tested, proven software development best practices across the full spectrum of software development activities.

10 Most Important Ideas in Software Development

As software engineering approaches its 40th birthday, do we know which software development ideas matter most? In this talk, award-winning author Steve McConnell identifies 10 of the most powerful ideas in software engineering. McConnell explains how the 10 ideas form the foundation for effective software development, and he shows how practices ranging from the waterfall model to extreme...

Activity Model

The identification of the sequence of activities in a process. Used commonly in business and called “Work Flow” diagrams. Unified Modeling Language (UML) Activity Models have additional constructs for parallel activities and links to Class Models.

Actor Map

Actor Map defines the relationships among the actors in the actor table in terms of how their roles are shared and disparate.


Apprenticing means having one or more members of the development team become a temporary member of the user community. This gives developer an appreciation of the user’s work-a-day world.

Blended Learning for Software Professionals

Instructor led technical training continues to provide the highest quality training experience, but advances in online eLearning are narrowing the quality gap between Instructor Led Training and eLearning. The choice of training modalities does not have to be an either/or choice.Properly structured, Blended Learning can provide the...


Brainstorming is a technique to generate a lot of ideas very quickly. The primary purpose of a session is to get individuals to burst through thought categories that they currently have to go into new territories.

Bridging the Product Introduction Gap

New software and hardware technologies are driving product innovation at an unprecedented rate. Companies that thrive in this new era will adopt practices that foster product management and product development collaboration to blend new technology alternatives with sound market insight.

Business Policies

Define the principles and regulations that influence the behavior and structure of the business being modeled. Business polices provide the useful basis for decomposing business rules.