Pilot Projects

In Construx's work with hundreds of leading companies, we have seen countless initiatives wither on the vine due to ineffective roll-out strategies. Ineffective adoption can significantly impede your ability to achieve your high priority business goals, and it can make future initiatives even more challenging. Pilot projects give your organization an opportunity to work out the kinks in real life circumstances, laying the groundwork to successfully scale the initiative.

Software Development Questions    

Questions and Issues

  • My team seems to have only part of the skills and knowledge needed to support the desired changes
  • My team has sufficient skills nad knowledge, but we need to avoid mistakes, shorten the learning curve, and scale up quickly
  • Our organization is unique; what adaptations should we make to by-the-book practices so that they work in our environment  

    Software Consulting Solution    

    Typical Solution

  • Develop an implementation plan for the pilot project
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to help your team effectively deploy the new practices on an actual project
  • Capture execution lessons to prepare for wider organizational deployment
  • Conduct retrospectives--ongoing project and process reviews throughout the pilot to identify lessons learned and create action plans to implement changes on the next phase of the pilot
  • Create process descriptions and supporting documentation that fit your company's culture and improvement objectives
  • Review project deliverables (requirements, designs, estimates, project plans) and provide feedback to help improve the detail and quality of the deliverable
  • Provide ongoing coaching about project management, requirements, design, quality or other activities on an as-needed basis throughout 

    Software Consulting Results    

    Results You Can Expect

  • Increase the success rate of new initiatives; reduce dead ends
  • Focus and streamline change to reach organizational goals faster
  • Plan and implement processes specifically suited to your organization