Implementing Scrum on a Large Project That Spans Multiple Sites

Your Challenge

Your organization has successfully used Scrum on small projects at the company headquarters campus. The team worked in the same building, sometimes even in the same office. Recently you launched a Scrum project using two teams – in different time zones. The European team’s work day is ending as the American team arrives at the office. While this may seem efficient, it isn’t.

How We Help

Frankly, our industry struggles with this question. Agile is meant to be collaborative and works best when teams are closely linked. But Construx can help you make the best of multi-site projects, applying Agile techniques where they can be most helpful and adapting where necessary. Through our Agile Requirements class and customized coaching, we can show you how to balance autonomy and collaboration, build the right backlog, and anticipate and relieve bottlenecks.