Agile development promises low overhead, high flexibility, and satisfied customers, but how do you separate the hype from the reality? Leading organizations have benefited from Agile development practices for many years. Learn how to select and deploy today’s most powerful Agile practices. Apply the essentials of Scrum, Extreme Programming, and other Agile methods. This intensive seminar presents modern practices combined with decades of time-tested, low-risk methods–all with a track record of proven results.

This seminar is based on Construx’s experience working with companies that have successfully deployed Agile practices--and our experiences with companies whose Agile projects have failed. Extensive case studies and hands-on exercises will show you how to select and apply the particular Agile development techniques that are best for your specific projects. 2-day seminar

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be valuable to anyone who wants an in-depth introduction to Agile development. It is especially worthwhile for technical leads, QA leads, software architects, project managers, software engineers, and software developers.


All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

What Does "Agile" Mean?

  • Agile Manifesto and Agile values
  • Tackling uncertainty
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Early availability
  • Role of extremes
  • Best projects for Agile practices--and worst

Agile Requirements Best Practices

  • Customer participation
  • Minimal specification
  • Using user stories successfully
  • Use case support for dynamic development
  • Lightweight requirements modeling
  • Lightweight requirements documentation

Agile Design Best Practices

  • Minimal design
  • Keys to using metaphors successfully
  • Lightweight design documentation

Agile Construction Best Practices

  • Refactoring
  • The power of coding standards
  • Collective ownership
  • Continuous integration
  • Daily build and smoke test
  • Source code control

Specific Agile Methods

  • Method: Scrum
  • Method: XP

Agile Quality Assurance

  • Pair programming and collaborative construction
  • Test-first programming
  • Leveraging automated testing

Agile Management

  • Incrementalism and iteration
  • Agile work environments
  • Monitoring project velocity
  • The Scrum approach
  • Agile change control

Agile Planning

  • Maximizing business value
  • Planning Poker/The Planning Game
  • Just-in-time planning
  • Time-boxing
  • Plotting your agile profile

Jumpstarting Agile Development

Steve Tockey

Steve Tockey is the Principal Consultant at Construx Software. During more than three and a half decades in the software industry, he has worked as a programmer, ...

Earl Beede

Earl Beede, CSDP is a Senior Fellow at Construx Software, where he designs and leads seminars and provides consulting services on early project-lifecycle practices, ...

John Clifford

John Clifford is a Senior Fellow and Agile Practices Lead at Construx Software. John got his first software development job at a startup, while still in college, ...