What is CxOne?

Construx's agile framework of templates, checklists, patterns, and other tools that provide relief from software development pain.

CxOne Overview

CxOne provides practical software engineering support to project teams. This vision is realized through efficient execution of proven techniques.

CxOne is based on industry best practices, Steve McConnell's works, and Construx's real-world project experience. CxOne does not prescribe a single approach to software development; it provides a foundation that allows projects and organizations to quickly improve how they develop software. CxOne does not replace your existing practices; it builds on them. CxOne's document-based approach provides maximum flexibility for teams to deploy new and improved practices.

The CxOne toolbox of materials supports creation of project deliverables. The focus on real-world deliverables instead of process details makes adoption natural and easy.

We welcome your inquiries or comments about CxOne.