Improvement Planning

Companies that know they need to improve can still be paralyzed by different opinions about needed improvements, prioritization of improvements, or even basic questions about how to implement changes. Drawing from experience gained through working with hundreds of leading companies, Construx can guide you through identification of the most critical changes, prioritization of plans, and assistance over implementation hurdles.

Software Development Questions  

Questions and Issues

  • Which changes will help us more efficiently achieve our business goals?
  • What changes have worked best for other companies?
  • How do we roll out the changes given our current situation and challenges?
  • How do we evaluate the changes to ensure they provide us with the expected ROI?

    Software Consulting Solution  

    Typical Solution

  • Gain understanding of business challenges and priorities
  • Evaluate technical and management practices
  • Develop prioritized initiatives
  • Describe the end state of each change initiative
  • Outline the deliverables and activities needed to make the changes, task owners, and a timeline

    Software Consulting Results  

    Results You Can Expect

    Agile adoption recommendations report that includes
  • A comprehensive action plan to position your organization to successfully implement the identified changes
  • Improved efficiency, predictability, and time to market