Agile Requirements

Requirements are often the most challenging aspect of a software project, and Agile development does not eliminate requirements challenges. Indeed, Construx has found that Agile development often makes existing requirements issues even more challenging. Construx applies the experience we've gained working with hundreds of leading companies--both Agile and traditional--to craft requirements solutions that support your Agile goals--and that meet your business needs.

Software Development Questions    

Questions and Issues

  • How do we scale Agile requirements to work for large products and programs?
  • How do we do requirements on Agile projects in a way that supports our need for business planning?
  • How do we effectively specify Agile requirements?
  • How do we adapt our waterfall requirement approach to become more Agile?

    Software Consulting Solution    

    Typical Solution

  • Identify your business requirements
  • Create product backlogs, working with teams on requirements detail, backlog grooming, and related issues
  • Introduce short-horizon Agile requirements practices such as user stories and story points, and facilitate organization-wide adoption
  • Implement longer-horizon requirements practices such as product roadmapping and release backlogs
  • Adapt Agile requirements practices for use in regulated industries, where applicable

    Software Consulting Results    

    Results You Can Expect

  • Understanding of how requirements work will occur
  • Selection of the most appropriate Agile requirements techniques
  • Deployment of new practices and fine-tuning of existing approaches
  • Implementation of user stories, story points, product backlogs, and more
  • Enhanced coordination between your software staff and your business staff
  • Improved support for your business's product planning and project planning needs