Construx Software Forms Strategic Partnership with DevelopMentor

Construx Software Forms Strategic Partnership with DevelopMentor


Bellevue, WA - January 28, 2004 - and Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2004 -- Construx Software, a nationally recognized provider of Best Practice Software Engineering courses, has formed a strategic partnership with DevelopMentor, the leader in software developer education, that will provide more comprehensive product lifecycle services to their customers. DevelopMentor and Construx will package training programs that will enable software development teams to understand and use new technologies, as well as learn to improve the success and reduce the risk associated with their ongoing projects. These cohesive packages will give customers the insight and hands-on mentoring they need to build well-designed, maintainable and scalable applications that get built on time and on budget. "Construx seminars are designed to enhance the skills and performance of software developers, analysts, technical leads and managers, and are focused on high-leverage activities including project management, requirements, estimation, design, testing and reviews," explained Steve McConnell, chief executive officer at Construx. "This is a great complement to DevelopMentor’s focus, which is technology and coding. By packaging our offerings, software developers will gain a better understanding of not only how to build robust applications with the latest Microsoft and Java technologies, but how to better design, organize and manage projects as well."

Both firms are known for their world-class instructors. Construx’s software projects provide practical grounding for their training, and that combination of teaching and doing is unique in the software industry, enabling Construx to provide the finest software seminars available. DevelopMentor’s instructors are some of the world’s leading technologists who actively work with and influence the technologies they teach. In addition, both companies’ instructors are international conference speakers, educators and authors.

Steve McConnell also notes that DevelopMentor has an outstanding reputation for being on top of current and evolving technologies. Mike Abercrombie, founder and CEO of DevelopMentor, further explains, "Our courses and training events feature the most current information available; all course materials are written by our own independent technical staff, so there is no vendor bias or marketing hype. In fact, our courses are consistently ahead of the curve since we often work directly with software vendors like Microsoft and the Java community to produce and deliver training materials for products at the Beta or pre-Beta stage."

Some of the options for potential customers will focus on companies moving to the .NET framework. DevelopMentor will provide an Essential .NET course (in either Visual Basic .NET or C#) paired with Construx’s three-day Software Project Management course to ensure that the customer’s .NET project starts quickly and finishes on time.

About DevelopMentor DevelopMentor has offered hands-on instructor-led training courses on the latest technologies since 1993. DevelopMentor leads the industry with its unique, immersive Guerrilla Events, public open enrollment courses, custom on-site classes and enterprise-wide skill assessments for experienced software developers across the United States and Europe. Course offerings are part of comprehensive curricula in Microsoft .NET, Java technologies, XML & Web services, Database technologies, Security and other programming-related topics. For more information, please visit


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