Configuration Management


  • Is your software configuration-management plan designed to help programmers and minimize overhead?
  • Does your SCM approach avoid overcontrolling the project?
  • Do you group change requests, either through informal means such as a list of pending changes or a more formal approach such as a change-control board?
  • Do you formally estimate the effect of each proposed change?
  • Do you view major changes as a warning that requirements analysis isn't yet complete?


  • Do you use version-control software to facilitate configuration management?
  • Do you use version-control software to reduce coordination problems of working in teams?
  • Do you use Make or other dependency-control software to build programs efficiently and reliably?


  • Do you backup all project materials periodically?
  • Are project backups transferred to offsite storage periodically?
  • Are all materials backed up including source code, documents, graphics, and important notes?
  • Have you tested the backup-recovery procedure?