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New OnDemand Course - 10x Software Development, 2nd Edition

How do you maximize team productivity? Decades of research have found at least a ten-fold—“10x”—difference in productivity and quality between the best teams and the worst. The studies have collectively involved hundreds of professional programmers across a spectrum of programming activities. Specific differences range from about 5:1 to about 25:1, and in my judgment, that collectively supports the 10x claim. Moreover, the research finding is consistent with my experience, in which I have...

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Agile Transformation - Keys to Success

I wanted to let you know that I've posted a two-part series on Construx's experience with Agile Transformations, pitfalls, keys to success, and so on.  The videos focus on two models that describe the transformation issues we have seen on the ground. You might have seen one or both of the models before, but they aren't often applied specifically to Agile adoption work. The focus of the videos is on showing how these general models specifically apply to Agile transformations. We have...

  1. Posted on March 9, 2016 2:44:PM by Steve McConnell to 10x Software Development
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10x Productivity Myths: Where’s the 10x Difference in Compensation?

In response to my recent blog post on the research support for 10x productivity differences among programmers, Pete McBreen made the following comment: "One point in his article that McConnell did not address--programmer compensation does not vary accordingly. This...

  1. Posted on January 22, 2011 5:42:PM by Steve McConnell to 10x Software Development
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Origins of 10X – How Valid is the Underlying Research?

I recently contributed a chapter to Making Software (Oram and Wilson, eds., O'Reilly, 2011). The purpose of this edited collection of essays is to pull together research-based writing on software engineering. In essence, the purpose is to say, "What do we really know (quantitatively based), and what do we only kind of think we know (subjectively based)?" My chapter, "What Does 10X Mean" is an edited version of my 2008 blog entry "

  1. Posted on January 9, 2011 6:15:PM by Steve McConnell to 10x Software Development
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Productivity Variations Among Software Developers and Teams: The Origin of 10x

Some blog readers have asked for more background on where the "10x" name of this blog came from. The gist of the name is that researchers have found 10-fold differences in productivity and quality between different programmers with the same levels of experience and also between different teams working within the same industries. Individual Productivity Variation in Software DevelopmentThe original study that found huge variations in individual programming productivity was...

  1. Posted on March 27, 2008 10:15:AM by Steve McConnell to 10x Software Development
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