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The Existential Pleasures of Flogging

In my last post I spoke about how some moron is going to cause you to go Arrrgg! by doing something stupid with your product. Unfortunately, that appears to be a fundamental truth. I have been pondering why some moron does the stupid thing when Steve McConnell's inaugural post lead me to another conclusion: it is as fun...

  1. Posted on May 6, 2007 12:17:PM by Earl Beede to Practicing Earl
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Lights... Camera... Arrrgg!

There seems to be a third thing certain in life besides death and taxes. That thing seems to be the fact that the moment some moron uses the product or software that I have been working on, they are going to do something stupid. My brilliant work of pristine intellectual purity which functions just the way I want it to will behave like a brakeless car in the hands of a drunken driven; it is going to crash. I don't know about you but when I release a product I have been working on, I want...

  1. Posted on April 28, 2007 7:52:PM by Earl Beede to Practicing Earl
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