Construx Offers Free Training for Laid-Off Software Workers

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After listening to doom and gloom economic reports for the past few months, we decided we would try to do something to brighten our little corner of the world. Here's our official press release about it:

Construx Software has designated 25% of its public seminar seats free of charge to software workers who have been laid off. Construx seminars help software professionals improve their technical and managerial skills. Seminar attendees will be more effective when they reenter the workforce. Construx hopes this program will help laid-off software workers reenter the workforce more quickly. 

Bellevue, WA, 12 February 2009 -- Construx Software today announced a complimentary program for training software workers who have been laid off during the recent economic downturn. Construx has designated 25% of the seats in its Software Development Best Practices training seminars free to personnel who have been laid off from professional software development jobs.

"During the dot com collapse the software industry was at the epicenter of the recession. Most of our clients were affected, and that meant we were affected," said Steve McConnell, Construx CEO and author of several best selling software development books. "We remember what it was like during the last downturn, and we are fortunate this time to be in a position to extend a helping hand to our friends whose companies are struggling."

One of Construx's corporate values is Sharing the Wealth. "Companies that are strong enough to lead us out of the recession should help in whatever ways we can," McConnell stated. "Professionals can take advantage of their downtime to improve their skills in ways that we hope will accelerate their job searches and continue to provide career-long benefits after they re-enter the workforce."

During boom periods many software professionals have difficulty finding time to sharpen their skills. "Our seminars focus on developing the skills needed to deliver world-class software. We want software people to be able to build their careers, whether they have a job at the moment or not," Mark Nygren, Construx's COO stated.

Construx 1-, 2-, and 3-day seminars cover subjects including Software Project Management, Software Estimation, Software Requirements, Software Design, Software Testing, and numerous other software development topics. Construx offers more than 50 public seminars each year at its training facility in Bellevue, Washington.

Construx's SPEAR (Software Professional Educational Assistance and Re-entry) program is slated to continue through June 2009. Software professionals who would like to participate in the SPEAR program should see SPEAR program details on the web at A full schedule of Construx's upcoming public seminars can be found on the web at

About Construx Software

Construx Software is the market leader in software development best practices training and consulting. Construx was founded in 1996 by Steve McConnell, respected author and thought leader on software development best practices. McConnell's books Code Complete, Rapid Development, and other titles are some of the most accessible books on software development with a million copies in print in 20 languages. McConnell's passion for advancing the art and science of commercial software engineering is shared by Construx's seasoned consultants. Their depth of knowledge and expertise have helped hundreds of companies solve their software challenges by identifying and adopting practices proven to produce high quality software - faster, and with greater predictability. To learn more about Construx training and consulting services, visit Construx's Web site at or call +1-866-296-6300. 

Pam McIlroy, Marketing Manager

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