The Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies – New Lecture Posted

I’ve posted this week’s lecture in my Understanding Software Projects series at Some of the past lectures that have been posted are still free.

In this week’s lecture I explain how methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming, Waterfall, and Code & Fix look from the point of view of the Software Lifecycle Model. The lecture starts by going into more detail about how the Lifecycle Model can be abstracted for purposes of describing various methodologies and then goes into describing specific methodologies. I conclude with some comments about the role that specific practices fit within the Lifecycle Model (pair programming, formal inspections, test first, continuous integration, etc.).

The point of this is to show the way that familiar methodologies can be abstracted into a general-purpose model. Performing that abstraction helps to separate the substance from the hype in terms of identifying what is really significantly different about a methodology like Scrum or XP vs. what is just marketing fluff.

Lectures posted so far include:

0.0 Understanding Sofware Projects – Intro
0.1 Introduction – My Background
0.2 Reading the News
0.3 Definitions and Notations

1.0 The Software Lifecycle Model – Intro
1.1 Variations in Iteration
1.2 Lifecycle Model – Defect Removal
     1.3 Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies (New this Week)

2.0 Software Size
2.05 Size – Comments on Lines of Code
2.1 Size – Staff Sizes
     2.2 Size – Schedule Basics

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Understanding Software Projects - Steve McConnell