Selecting an Iteration Approach – New Lecture Posted

Selecting an Iteration Approach – New Lecture Posted

In this week’s lecture ( I explain how the lifecycle model can be used to show the incredibly large number of variations in approaches to software projects, especially including numerous variations in kinds of iteration. I identify approaches that work if you need predictability, if you need flexibility, if you need to attack uncertainty in requirements (i.e., unknown requirements), and if you need to attack uncertainty in architecture (i.e., technical risk).

The overarching message is that there are lots of different ways to organize the activities on a software project, and the way you organize the activities significantly affects what a project will accomplish.

Lectures posted so far include:

0.0 Understanding Software Projects – Intro
0.1 Introduction – My Background
0.2 Reading the News
0.3 Definitions and Notations

1.0 The Software Lifecycle Model – Intro
1.1 Variations in Iteration
1.2 Lifecycle Model – Defect Removal
     1.3 Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies
 1.4 Lifecycle Model – Selecting an Iteration Approach 

2.0 Software Size
2.05 Size – Comments on Lines of Code
2.1 Size – Staff Sizes
     2.2 Size – Schedule Basics

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Understanding Software Projects - Steve McConnell

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