Scrum Trainer / Senior Fellow Position Available

If you’re a highly qualified Scrum Professional, check out our opening for a Scrum Trainer / Senior Fellow. Here is a brief description (follow the link for more details):

Travel the World, Help Teams Adopt Scrum, and Reach Their Full Potential

Share your hard-won lessons learned with others. Work with a staff of world-class software experts including Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete and other software industry classics. Become a part of Construx Software, a company recognized multiple times as being the best small company to work for in Washington state.

Requirements for Scrum Trainer/Consultant

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • A minimum of 10 years of broad and deep experience in software development, including deep subject matter expertise in Scrum.
  • Broad and deep knowledge of current software development in-the-trenches practice, research, and literature.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills including the ability to present to groups of professionals.
  • “Leadership” level understanding of at least two of the following areas: Agile Development, Software Project Management, Software Requirements, Software Process, Software Maintenance, Software Design, Software Construction, Software Test, Software Quality, Software Configuration Management, and Software Tools and Methods.
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team.
  • Willingness to commit to providing excellent service quality.
  • Willingness to spend approximately 50% of your time traveling to client locations in North America, with occasional international trips.
  • An ongoing personal commitment to learning from clients, co-workers, publications, and other sources.

Preferred but not required:

  • Training experience and/or public speaking experience.
  • A four-year degree from an accredited university.
  • Industry certifications including Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Scrum Coach, Certified Scrum Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, and Professional Scrum Master.
  • A record of conference presentations.
  • A record of published work in refereed journals, blogs, and/or popular trade publications.

No Training Experience?

Our primary interest is your depth of technical expertise. If you are technically qualified, Construx will provide deep support for developing your training and presentation skills.

Why Construx?

Construx Software is an established industry leader in software development best practices, providing consulting and training services to leading companies worldwide. Construx management has created an environment that empowers employees to perform at their highest levels while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Low turnover, consistent profitability, and an exceptional work force are reasons this company has been named the best small company to work for in Washington state multiple times. Steve McConnell, Construx CEO, said, of his thoughts upon founding the company 17 years ago, “I wanted to create a company that I personally would want to work in the rest of my career.”

For more details, and to contact us or apply for the position, please visit here.