New White Papers Now Available

New White Papers Now Available

We’ve recently posted more new white papers on our website. These are free to members (and membership is free).

5 Things Every Software Executive Should Know About Scrum

The success (or failure) of Scrum is all in how’s it’s adopted. This white paper explores five key things software executives should understand when considering a Scrum adoption. It summarizes what Scrum can and cannot do and provides advice to software executives on how they can support the adoption of Scrum.

Bridging the Product Introduction Gap

New software and hardware technologies are driving product innovation at an unprecedented rate. Companies that thrive in this new era will adopt practices that foster product management and product development collaboration to blend new technology alternatives with sound market insight.

Early Requirements Prioritization

Organizations can recognize significant schedule and cost savings by making early decisions about what will and will not be delivered by a project or program. This paper outlines a technique for early analysis of the potential cost to develop a feature and the potential return on investment. This preliminary information helps organizations make early business decision about feature set priorities.

Introducing Agility into a Phase Gate Process

Phase gate processes are common in mature software development organizations that want to support continuous evaluation of products and projects to ensure that it makes sense for the business to continue its investment in them. Some organizations want to introduce additional agility into their phase gate process while maintaining their oversight and governance. This white paper outlines the major considerations and keys to success to introducing agility into a well defined phase gate process.