Debian Size Claims – New Lecture Posted

In this week’s lecture ( I demonstrate how to use some of the size information we’ve discussed in other lectures by diving into the Wikipedia claims about the sizes of various versions of Debian.  The point of this week’s lecture is to show how to apply critical thinking to size information presented by an authoritative source (Wikipedia), and how to arrive at a confident conclusion that that information is not credible. Practicing software professionals should be able to look at size claims like the Debian size claims and, based on general knowledge, immediately think, “That seems far from credible.” Yet, few professionals actually do that. My hope is that working through public examples like this in the lecture series will help software professionals improve their instincts and judgment, which can then be applied to projects in their own organizations.

Lectures posted so far include:

0.0 Understanding Software Projects – Intro
0.1 Introduction – My Background
0.2 Reading the News
0.3 Definitions and Notations

1.0 The Software Lifecycle Model – Intro
1.1 Variations in Iteration
1.2 Lifecycle Model – Defect Removal
     1.3 Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies
1.4 Lifecycle Model – Selecting an Iteration Approach

2.0 Software Size
2.05 Size – Comments on Lines of Code
2.1 Size – Staff Sizes
     2.2 Size – Schedule Basics
2.3 Size – Debian Size Claims (New)

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Understanding Software Projects - Steve McConnell