2013 ECSE Discussion Topics Posted

I host an executive discussion group in the Seattle area called the Executive Council for Software Excellence (ECSE). We meet monthly at our offices in Bellevue, usually on the second Monday of each month. The group focuses on enterprise-level software development issues. This is a great opportunity to network and compare challenges and solutions with other executives who, we have found, tend to be wrestling with the same issues you are.

To keep the discussions focused, the group membership is comprised of local executives who oversee technical staffs of 50 or more with titles like VP or Director. The number “50” is not a hard number. The most important participation criteria is having a multiple-project span of control.

Here’s our calendar for the rest of this year:

April 8 Beating the Iron Triangle: Succeeding When Cost, Schedule, and Functionality are all Fixed
May 13 Strategies for Project Portfolio Management
June 10 Estimation: Merging Waterfall and Agile Development
July 8 Supporting Innovation
August Summer Break
September 9 Leading Change Initiatives
October 14 Lessons Learned in Agile Development
November 4 Major Levers for Productivity Improvement
December 9 Cloud Development Best Practices

If you’re in the Bellevue/Seattle area and you’re interested in participating, please let me know.