The CxOne software engineering process framework is the cornerstone of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering.

CxOne drives our projects, enhances our service offerings, and provides support to our clients. By capturing industry best practices in a readily usable toolbox, CxOne makes available a wealth of software development knowledge and experience. Checklists, templates, patterns and other reusable components provide critical materials that can be deployed quickly to address short-term needs. Productivity and quality will continue to improve as more materials are adopted and optimized to the unique needs of the project or organization.

CxOne is:

A Framework.

No single development approach works for all projects. Trying to create one-size-fits-all methodologies is an exercise in futility. CxOne is a process improvement framework, which provides a variety of specific best practices that support a broad range of business domains and can vary from one project to the next.


Software methodologies tend to be heavy with overhead. CxOne minimizes documentation while maximizing desired benefits.


Software projects are fluid undertakings full of uncertainty. CxOne's incremental, iterative, and change-oriented practices allow projects to flow and optimize while underway.


CxOne's flexibility allows it to be tailored to an organization and then further adapted on a project-by-project basis to maximize efficiency and quality.


People, not processes, create software. CxOne is designed from the ground up to provide pragmatic and usable support to front-line engineers


CxOne's modular toolbox design allows users to employ only the parts of CxOne they need, leveraging investment in existing tools, processes, and training.


Software projects span a vast array of sizes and domains. CxOne readily scales to support a wide range of projects from small and informal to large and mission-critical.


CxOne is not a static, one-shot tool. It puts projects and organizations on a path of continual improvement; it evolves to meet changing business demands.


CxOne encompasses all aspects of software engineering practice an organization needs to be highly effective at software development.

In addition to drawing from a wide range of proven industry best practices, CxOne leverages the IEEE Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and Steve McConnell's works. CxOne provides processes capable of being assessed at higher levels of the CMM and is a low overhead solution for ISO 9000 documentation.

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