2016 Software Executive Summit - Construx

Last Year's Discussion Topics 

Discussions at the Summit focus on software development issues at the organization level. Discussion topics are a mix of current challenges and advance views of emerging issues. Past Summits have provided attendees with their first in-depth discussions on topics like Technical Debt, Cloud Development, Global Development, and other subjects that are now commonplace.

The discussion points below provide a general idea of the intended discussions. Actual discussions at the Summit will go into areas of depth defined by individual participants.  Register now!  

Improving Software Productivity

Improving productivity is one of the most important topics for software executives. This key topic touches on myriad high leverage areas, including staff development, Agile implementations, technical practices, technology strategy, business skills, business strategy, and other areas. Share experiences, lessons learned, and job-changing insights on this critical topic.

What's Next for Agile Development?

Although some companies still struggle with the basics of Agile practices, many companies are now succeeding with Scrum routinely, and an increasing number of companies are adopting Kanban and other Agile practices. What is the next step in Agile development? What is the role of non-Scrum practices and principles such as Kanban and Lean? What other approaches have companies tried, and how have they worked out? How do you get to the point where you can expect success routinely on large projects? How far should you push Agile practices and principles into the non-software parts of your business, and should the software organization be leading or following the rest of the business in this area? This discussion will be an opportunity to benchmark approaches and learn from the approaches that are working best at other companies.

Succeeding on "Bet the Company" Projects

Most technical leaders will eventually face a "Bet the Company" project -- a project that is extraordinarily ambitious, extraordinarily important, extraordinarily time-sensitive, or all the above. How do you as a leader approach such a project? How do you make decisions when the stakes are ultra high? How do you work with your leadership team? And how do you motivate your staff in a positive way--instilling a sense of importance and urgency without instilling panic and fear?

Best Practices in Leading Multi-Site/Offshore Development

Whether a result of acquisition, a global growth strategy, or a cost-savings initiative, most organizations today have project teams that span the globe. Leading distributed teams presents challenges that are different from leading co-located teams. What are the keys to leading them successfully? What are the keys to making such projects successful? This important topic includes discussion of team structures, travel, communication, division of responsibilities across sites, roles & responsibilities, and keys to success with Agile practices in multi-site environments.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent in Today's Job Market

The software job market has become red hot again. We are currently in a seller's market for software talent, and many organizations’ compensation, benefits, and HR policies are struggling to keep up. What are you doing to recruit and retain top talent? What do your typical job offers look like in terms of benefits and compensation, and what are you competing against? How have you needed to change them in recent years? How do you handle the organizational issue of software talent being more difficult to recruit for than other disciplines in your company? This discussion will help benchmark the current condition of the job market and hiring practices across companies.

Supporting the Business of Software

How can software development best support business objectives? This is a fascinating topic because it is so clearly important at the top business level, yet most software executives have little formal business education. Do your C-Levels respect the business acumen of you and your technical staff (and do they have reason to)? What do you see as your staff's level of business awareness? This discussion will identify ways in which your staff can improve their business understanding and better support the business--and provide tips about how to do that. You will also have a chance to reflect on how you attained your level of business understanding, and how you can encourage your staff to do the same.

Growing Technical Leaders

A critical part of any executive’s job is developing capabilities of less senior staff. Development of current and future leaders is an especially high priority. What are the best ways to do that? Do you believe excellent technical staff make good leaders? What does an effective leadership development program look like? How do they structure career paths for technical vs. management staff? Do you focus resources on a few high potential staff, or do you provide development opportunities for everyone? How do you recognize a future high potential leader when you see one?

Accelerating Organizational Change

Making change happen productively lies at the root of many of our other responsibilities. This discussion will focus on lessons that you and other executive leaders have learned from leading change initiatives at your companies. It will identify changes that have been found to be the most difficult. It will identify change strategies that have been used successfully. It will dive into how to balance evolutionary vs. revolutionary change, and distill overall keys to success.


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