Software Project Survival Guide

Survival Check for Chapter 7

Preliminary Planning

  • Project has a clear vision.
    • Vision doesn’t provide guidance in deciding what to leave out of the software.
  • Project has identified an executive sponsor or committee with final authority over project-wide decisions.
  • The project plans and progress according to plan are readily available to all project team members and upper management.
  • Project has appointed a risk officer.
    • Risk officer is the project manager.
  • Project has a Top 10 Risks List.
    • The Top 10 Risks List is not kept up to date.
  • Project develops risk management plans for each risk on the top 10 list.
  • Project hires well-qualified people, waiting if necessary, rather than just hiring whoever is available first.
  • Project time accounting is begun before requirements development begins.
  • All of the above considerations are formalized in a Software Development Plan.
    • The Software Development Plan isn’t placed under change control.
    • The plan described in the Software Development Plan isn’t actually followed by the development team.