Software Project Survival Guide

Survival Check for Chapter 14


  • The project has a Coding Standard.
  • The coding standard is enforced through technical reviews of all code.
  • The project has a Software Integration Procedure.
    • Developers aren’t following the procedure.
  • The project team builds a skeleton of the system during Stage 1.
    • The project team gets bogged down building the complete infrastructure of the system before building any visible functionality.
  • The project uses daily builds and smoke tests.
    • The daily build is broken more often than not.
    • The smoke test hasn’t kept up with the daily build and doesn’t test the software’s full functionality.
  • The project manager tracks relevant progress indicators weekly, including miniature milestones, defects, change reports, time-accounting data, and Top 10 Risks list.
  • Project status data is readily available to all project members.
    • Status isn’t reported regularly to customers or upper management.
  • Changes are controlled through continuing use of the change control board.
    • The change control board wasn’t set up until construction began, limiting its perceived authority.