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Construx provides software development training and consulting to companies in a wide range of industries worldwide. We focus on best practices, with a pragmatic approach, business perspective, and deep experience in the complete Software Development Life Cycle. We help your teams streamline development, amp up productivity, and deliver better visibility – so you can get to market faster with high quality, innovative products.

The driving force behind the Construx difference is founder Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete and a leading voice in the software development space. As CEO and chief software engineer, Steve leads our team of seasoned experts in applying proven practices and the latest trends to meet the unique challenges of your organization.

Webinar: Software Estimation in an Agile World

"Agile projects can't be estimated accurately," some agile practitioners say. "Estimation is not Agile." Are they right? To take advantage of Agile development, do you have to give up the estimation that your business needs?

In this talk, the award-winning author of Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, cuts the Gordian knot of Agile Estimation. Differentiating between agile practice and agile culture, Steve McConnell describes common impediments to estimation on Agile projects, and he highlights key practices that lead to a Bold New World of Agile Software Estimation--providing far better results than were ever seen on waterfall projects.  Register now..