Software Project Survival Guide

Survival Check for Chapter 9

Quality Assurance

  • Project has a written, approved Quality Assurance Plan.
    • Project isn’t following the written plan.
  • Quality assurance is initiated in parallel with requirements work.
  • Defect tracking software is placed online at requirements development time, and defects are tracked from the beginning of the project.
  • Developers review all designs and code before they are considered to be "done."
    • No designs or code have failed their reviews, suggesting that reviews are superficial.
    • Developers don’t source trace and unit test their own source code prior to submitting it for review, which gives rise to an unwieldy number of defects that
      have to be tracked from reviews onward.
  • The Quality Assurance Plan calls for an independent quality assurance group.
    • No funding is available for an independent quality assurance group.
  • The Quality Assurance Plan contains measurable criteria to be used to determine whether the software is ready to be released.