Steve McConnell's "Code Complete, Second Edition" Arrives in Bookstores Today

Steve McConnell's Code Complete, Second Edition Arrives in Bookstores Today


Bellevue, WA - June 9, 2004 - Microsoft Press has released a fully updated version of Steve McConnell’s classic guide to best practices in software development. For more than a decade, Steve McConnell, one of the premier authors and voices in the software community, has helped change the way developers write code -- and produce better software. Now his classic book, Code Complete, has been fully updated and revised with best practices in the art and science of constructing software. McConnell notes, "Whether you’re a new developer seeking a sound introduction to the practice of software development or a veteran exploring strategic new approaches to problem solving, you’ll find a wealth of practical suggestions and methods for strengthening your skills in Code Complete, Second Edition."

Topics include design, applying good techniques to construction, eliminating errors, planning, managing construction activities, and relating personal character to superior software. In addition, this new edition features fully updated information on programming techniques, including the emergence of Web-style programming, and integrated coverage of object-oriented design. The book contains new code examples -- both good and bad -- in C++, Microsoft® Visual Basic®, C#, and Java, though the focus is squarely on techniques and practices.

"I’ve also created a CC2E website (, which contains resources by chapter, lists of checklists, as well as an extensive notes section that discusses what’s new since the original," McConnell explained.


Steve McConnell is CEO and Chief Software Engineer of Construx Software. Readers of Software Development magazine named Steve one of the three most influential people in the software industry, along with Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. He is the author of Code Complete (1993, 2004), Rapid Development (1996), Software Project Survival Guide (1998), and Professional Software Development (2003). His first two books won Software Development’s Jolt Excellence Award for best software development book of the year. He also serves as Editor in Chief Emeritus of IEEE Software magazine and Chair of the IEEE Computer Society’s Professional Practices Committee.

Construx Software is a Bellevue, Washington corporation that provides consulting and training to software companies and specializes in software project solutions and development. For more information about Construx Software services and its best practice seminars, go to



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